The Emerald Dagger

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Back cover blurb.

The Power, granted to the Chosen, is all that stands between the dark mage Dirkk and the ravage of Daradawn. 

Dirkk has not been idle for the seven years the rift has been closed. With the help of Daraodh, the demon who lives inside the emerald dagger, he is again ready to challenge Queen Tessa for all. To this end he has conjured new dark beings to aid him: fenris'ena, once mountain wolves, now large beasts who listen to only him, and etain'daman, fairie demons with razor-sharp wing edges and poisoned talons. 

It will take the coming together of man, elf, fairie, dwarf, unicorn, and dragon to defeat the dark mage for good. Can differences be put aside between those of the air and those of the ground? Can Regan Canterville, even though a chosen of the Power, reason with a rage-filled dragon? 



A man stepped from the shadows and into the moon-dappled glade. His gaze found the cave and he wiped sweat slick palms along his thighs before whistling three short notes.
A snort of laughter came from the cave's mouth.
"Such nonsense is not needed. If I had not wanted you here, you would already be dead."
Dirkk, ex-Baron of Cornith, sauntered from the dark entrance. A black half-mask covered his face, and he wore a jerkin of a burgundy so deep it seemed to absorb the light around him. Hose of the same hue covered his legs and a fur-lined cloak hung in a straight line from his shoulders to brush the toes of leather boots polished to a high sheen. A chain of gold links encircled his neck and trailed down across his chest to disappear inside the folds of the cloak.
His eyes flicked over the figure that waddled toward him. A brown robe stretched tight over the man's rotund middle, and his pallid skin glowed white in the moon's light. Dirkk heard him wheeze as he neared. "How goes it, Thomas? Or should I say Healer Kerry Daemon?"
Gray eyes, the only thing recognizable from the Thomas Dirkk had known from before, narrowed. "Don't call me such," he snapped.
At his tone, two pale silver shapes leapt from the shadows. They were huge, the size of small ponies. The origins of the shaggy beasts could be seen in the shape of their heads and pointed ears, but those features were all that remained of the forest wolves they'd once been. Black lips drew back from four-inch fangs and a deep growl rumbled from their throats as they circled Thomas. He froze in place and grew paler still.
"You fear my fenris-ena?"
Thomas gulped and nodded.
Dirkk laughed. "As you should, with but one flick of my finger they would shred you and then feed on your flesh."
"Aye, Master," Thomas choked out.
Dirkk looked beyond the trembling man. "You come empty-handed?"
"They wait behind me with Talix."
"Talix? What is the dear fairy prince doing here so soon after his last visit? Does he strive to lead his father to us?"
"He has news."
"Bring them forward." Dirkk turned and walked back toward the cave. He snapped his fingers and the fenris-ena leapt to follow.


Even more magnificently detailed than the first in the series, The Emerald Dagger is exciting, heart rending, and enchanting. -- Amanda Killgore for Huntress Reviews

Fans of powerful sword and sorcery tales will want to read the tremendous, The Emerald Dagger. -- Affaire de Coeur

Regan and Kelsey are take-charge, passionate heroines. The spellbinding romance and dark adventure left me eagerly anticipating more. -- Susan Mitchell, Romatic Times Magazine